What is it all about

More would be too much.
Less would be too ordinary.

There are places in the world which we pass by and places where we stay.

Whether we are sitting in the lobby of a luxury hotel or on a woodpile in front of an alpine hut after a long hike, the “genius loci”, i.e. the prevailing spirit of a place, is immediately apparent. We see it as our task to cultivate it, shape it and help to make it accessible to people who possess a sense of style.

Our projects are equally about the art of arriving and lingering, in keeping with Goethe's “Here I am human and here dare I be!”

A certain atmosphere surrounds us - scents, sounds, materials, perhaps a few voices in the background. All these sensual impressions tell us that we are in a place full of character, a place that fascinates us and allows us to come alive. It is this special resonance that forms the basis for our successful hospitality and interior design projects. For, if such places are designed and operated with love and care, then people will come - and will keep coming back.

We create places with character.
We create places which make people feel good.
We create unforgettable places.
We create places people like to come back to again and again.