What can you expect

Coolly evaluated – custom designed
- passionately implemented

After an individual evaluation, we work out a bespoke concept with owners and/or operators for the tailor-made and sustainable development of special locations such as

  • Boutique hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Private houses
  • etc.

A huge number of conscious and unconscious factors such as location, history, architecture, interior design, surroundings and, of course, quality of service are what ultimately determine whether or not we feel comfortable in a place and come back again.

Familiar processes, marketing and - last but not least - the people involved always result in a special structure to every project, to which we bring our expertise in a targeted manner and in close dialogue with everyone involved. From our experience, it is an additional advantage that we as experts with experience in the field come from the outside. We can therefore more easily identify matters to be addressed and the potential outcomes of a project.

The parameters of the cooperation can be individually adapted, depending on the budget and strategy.

Step by step by us.

We offer all the necessary conception, planning and implementation steps from a “one-stop shop". We are, of course, flexible and open to individual input, because this can equally lead to success and bring projects of various sizes to the next level.

Be it the commissioning of artisans for conversions, new builds or extensions, the integration of new teams and employees into existing structures or support in the critical steps up to the setting up or merging of companies - we can provide secure and independent bases for decision-making in all phases of a hospitality project or stages of corporate development, thanks to our rich and extensive experience.

In the course of project implementation we only work with selected, tried and tested partners who meet our quality standards.

Thanks to our professional background, we are in a position to combine seemingly competing requirements of a project such as solid craftsmanship, smart design and luxurious finishing, as well as customer focus and profitability. In the long term, this creates “incomparable places” of lasting value.

In addition, we pay particular attention to corporate culture, as experience has shown that this is a key success factor, especially in areas such as the catering and hotel industries which are strongly characterised by human interaction.


“… as if it were my own“

– Reiner Heilmann

Nobody can feel comfortable in a place – even as a guest - where certain standards are not met.

We naturally demand these high standards of ourselves, which can be seen from the fact that we handle every project as if it were our own.


Thanks to the long careers of the two founders, Reiner Heilmann and Josef Göbel, Originale & Partner can draw on a good 60 years of joint professional experience as they develop the projects and companies they oversee. This quite unique combination of rich experience and unrestrained enthusiasm benefits all clients of Originale & Partner at every stage of a project.

At Originale & Partner, clients get to deal exclusively with the "two originals", and every consultation is on a personal, individual and client-specific level.


Places can be special.