Why Originale & Partner?

As our name suggests, we like to combine the unique with the useful:
Organization & Architecture
Hospitality & Entrepreneurship
Competence & Character

Originale & Partner is an owner-managed company with a strong focus on its two founders as driving forces.

We see ourselves as "originals" because our decades of professional experience in our areas of expertise have shaped us into distinctive, unmistakable and unconventional personalities.

Successful entrepreneurs in our own right, we are able to act as “partners” for other entrepreneurs because we speak the same language.
On the other hand, we also regard our customers as originals. For us, they are not interchangeable. On the contrary, we take them very seriously when it comes to their very specific ideas and ambitions.

This philosophy is reflected in our name and is the secret of our success!


What is it all about

There are places in the world which we pass by and places where we stay. Whether we are sitting in the lobby of a luxury hotel or on a woodpile in front of an alpine hut after a long hike, ...

Who is behind it

Success does not come by itself, but, particularly in our profession, it is the result of the perfect cooperation of experts with a large diversity of skills. Over the years, we have therefore come to place great value ...

What can you expect

After an individual evaluation, we work out a bespoke concept with owners and/or operators for the tailor-made and sustainable development of special locations such as ...