Who is behind it

Many minds, one vision.

Success does not come by itself, but, particularly in our profession, it is the result of the perfect cooperation of experts with a large diversity of skills. Over the years, we have therefore come to place great value on our network and have consistently expanded it.

Having talented and reliable partners on your side means multiplying opportunities and avoiding unnecessary challenges.

Many years of experience, both as entrepreneurs and as service providers, have made us energetic comrades-in-arms and reliable accomplices for new, innovative projects in the field of hospitality, retail and interior design. We are totally focused on the success of our clients and always look forward to the moment when we can celebrate their success with them.

Reiner Heilmann


        Reiner, the youngest of three siblings, was born in Wellingholzhausen in Lower Saxony, northwest Germany. His parents were passionate hoteliers and restaurateurs.

        It was clear to him from childhood that he would choose a similar profession. After completing his professional training, he spent many years travelling and working in beautiful hotels. His greatest pleasure, however, was being able to work with people and, to this day, it is his greatest motivation.

        In addition, the opportunity to travel extensively gave him great insight into very different cultures and broadened his horizons. Along with meeting people, travel is still his most important source of inspiration.

        After working in various leading positions in privately-owned hotels as well as in a hotel chain, Reiner arrived, more or less by chance, in Vienna around 30 years ago. In 1988 he had the unique opportunity of starting work at the Hotel Sacher. He became Hotel Manager of this world-famous hotel in 1991 and, among other things, was instrumental in the development of the hotel into one of the “The Leading Hotels of the World”.
He also had responsibility for the “Original Sacher Cake” production.

        Having happily lived here for more than 30 years, Reiner Heilmann has long considered Austria his second home. Today he lives with his Styrian wife Lucia and their sons Florian and Simon in Klosterneuburg just outside Vienna.

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Josef Göbel


        Josef is the second oldest of four children and grew up in Fladnitz an der Teichalm in Styria. Since wood and woodworking have significantly characterised his family history since 1874, it was natural for him to complete professional training in this field.

        After graduating from technical college, he joined his parents' company in 1992 and successfully completed his Master Joiner examination along the way. At that point already he felt that his job would become his vocation.

        Göbel custom-made furniture and interiors are highly popular amongst discerning customers all over the world.

        Taking innovative approaches in every project and combining traditional know-how with the latest technology, advanced design and sustainability is something that also applies to the other parts of the Göbel group, such as the subsidiaries Seliger, Jirka and ARTEXThanks to its broad base, the Josef Göbel Group can offer a wide range of services and solve even the most difficult and specialised assignments with ease. His father’s motto, "If it were easy, everyone would do it" has had a lasting effect on Josef.

        The company’s success was only possible due to the high level of commitment of the employees and the strong support of the family for which Josef would like to especially thank his wonderful wife Helga and his children Joseph, Johanna and Julius with whom he shares the privilege of living in Fladnitz an der Teichalm and therefore in the most beautiful of surroundings.